Kitchen Craft Cookware, American Made Since 1906

At Kitchen Craft, we pride ourselves on being a Veteran owned Company. We fully believe in keeping and creating jobs in America and we support our Troops for defending this right. We are proud to employee Veterans from all branches of the Armed Forces. Our Custom Military Base program, gives you the opportunity to perform live, informative and entertaining presentations on healthy meal preparations, in PX’s and BX’s across this great country of ours.

This will provide you with a unique opportunity to interact and ultimately affect the lives of our Men and Women in uniform and their families. You will assist them with improving their overall health and wellness through teaching them a healthier way to cook meals. We are honored to be contracted with every Military base in the United States of America. We have specialty knobs that proudly represent all of our Branches of the Military, which can be added to our cookware, at no additional cost to active duty and retired Military personnel and their families.




Don’t let your DAY JOB keep you from your DREAM JOB!