Project Description

Kab & Sophal Benefield

Kab was born in Georgia but spent most of his life growing up on the West Coast. After two years of studying pre-law he switched his major to Theology. Kab received a Masters in Divinity and served as a youth pastor for 12 years before entering the business field. He received his MBA at Denver University and went on to become a financial advisor and senior business analyst.

Kab began with Lustre Craft in 2002. Since then, he has performed healthy waterfree cooking demonstrations all over the country. He has a passion about introducing people to the incredible benefits of waterfree and greaseless cooking. It has been a joy for him to help hundreds of thousands of people learn how to keep their food full of nutrition and flavor.

Six months after starting with Lustre Craft, Kab qualified for the incentive trip and was awarded Rookie of the Year. Every year since, Kab has led the Million Dollar Club by consistently selling over one million dollars in waterfree cookware each year. Kab and his wife Sophal live in California, and travel the world together each year.

Just to name a few of the places we have been: Japan, France, Panama, Greece, The Netherlands and many more.


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