Project Description

Dustin Nadeau

Region: Midwest

# Years with Kitchen Craft/Lustre Craft: 8

Professional Background: I’ve always been in the building industry. From landscaping when I was in my teen years, to building and remodeling homes in my twenties and finally moving into my true passion of custom home interior finish carpentry and making custom furniture in my late twenties and early thirties.

Family Situation (spouse, children/ages): I have a wonderful 11 year old son, Max.

Hobbies: I love anything that keeps me active! I enjoy working on my house, building things, watching football, skiing and traveling to name a few. I enjoy going out to dinner and watching a good movie now and then and really enjoy a nice craft beer.

Most rewarding part of this career: I love being my own boss. I’ve never really worked for someone so this opportunity was right up my alley. I love the travel and being able to see different parts of our wonderful country. I also enjoy the fact that what we are selling is something that will genuinely help people to live a healthier lifestyle.

Most challenging part of this career: As I have an 11 year old at home that would be the most challenging aspect of this career for me personally, the not being able to be at every event of his that I’d like to be at because of the traveling and working weekends.

What do you enjoy most about being a distributor for Kitchen Craft/Lustre Craft? I enjoy the freedoms we have as independent distributors. The travel and the fact that our product is tried and true item that has stood the test of time. It’s not a scam or just a fad product like lots of the items you will see at fairs and home shows. I’ve never felt like I’ve stolen anyone’s hard earned money when they have purchased cookware from me because I know the true value that it will bring into their home, unlike some of the other products you will find at these events.

Were there any stumbling blocks on your path to success? Please explain. As with any career that is worth pursuing there are definitely some harder times then others that you just have to take head on and get over. But with each obstacle that comes up that you can get over it gets easier and easier and the next time something comes up it doesn’t seem so big.

Are you pleased with your training and support? Please explain. My training was nothing short of top notch. I was able to receive my training from a man with 40+ years of experience in the cookware and direct sales field. I was lucky enough to be able to train at the plant in West Bend, WI which I think was important to my success. It allowed me to be able to see the cookware being made first hand and see the faces and families behind it all that are dependent on our abilities as salesman to get out there and get the orders. Also, the support staff at the home office in Mt. Dora is second to none. Any time that I’ve had an issue regarding an order or customer, they have always been there to help in any way possible.

What do you like most about the company? I like working with a company that has the backing of an industry that is now 110 years old. The product sells itself and you will always have testimonies at your shows to help solidify the sales. The scheduling department does a great job of getting everything lined up and the order entry and shipping department is really on top of everything so all I have to focus on is getting to the show, setting up and taking orders.

Have you been pleased with your earnings and security? Please explain. I have been pleased with my earnings and the ability to have time off to spend with friends and family as well. What other profession allows you to make as much as you want and have 3-4 months off each year?

Why would you recommend this career to others? If you have the desire to work for yourself and are self-motivated, this is a career where you can make as much as you want and at the same time what you’re selling is helping to change people’s lives.

Why do you feel you are successful in this career? Because I’m very self-motivated and I have a strong desire to be the best at whatever I do. I also truly enjoy people and know that by them investing in the cookware they will be able to cook healthy quick meals. I believe the cookware is worth every penny and never feel as if I’m taking advantage of anyone. If someone doesn’t purchase I won’t let it bother me, I just bounce back up and do another show. I believe that being able to get back up there and brush off a bad demo is the key to being successful in this industry.

Why do you feel someone would NOT succeed? If someone can’t motivate themselves this isn’t for them. Also, the ability to adapt to any situation will play a key role in their ability to be successful at this. If they are not positive 100% of the time and do not have the ability to find the silver lining in everything they do, that too will make an impact on their success.

Incentive Trips you have been awarded:

  • Bermuda
  • California Wine Cruise
  • Norway, Germany and Denmark
  • Hawaii
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama


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