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Kab was born in Georgia but spent most of his life growing up on the West Coast. After two years of studying pre-law he switched his major to Theology. Kab received a Masters in Divinity and served as a youth pastor for 12 years before entering the business field. He received his MBA at Denver University and went on to become a financial advisor and senior business analyst.

Kab began with Kitchen Craft in 2002. Since then, he has performed healthy waterfree cooking demonstrations all over the country. He has a passion about introducing people to the incredible benefits of waterfree and greaseless cooking. It has been a joy for him to help hundreds of thousands of people learn how to keep their food full of nutrition and flavor.

Six months after starting with Kitchen Craft, Kab qualified for the incentive trip and was awarded Rookie of the Year. Every year since, Kab has led the Million Dollar Club by consistently selling over one million dollars in waterfree cookware each year. Kab and his wife Sophal live in California, and travel the world together each year.


Region: Our region is anywhere and everywhere. We are full-time RVers!

# Years with Kitchen Craft: I have been a part of this amazing family for 9 years and I look forward to many more!

Professional Background: It is strange to imagine my life before Kitchen Craft but I had one. I worked as a television producer/director/writer for over 25 years. I specialized in travel programming. I took teams around the world in search of unique and exciting adventures.

Family Situation (spouse, children/ages): My wife, Stephanie, is my rock. I have two incredible girls, Mikayla and Avery. We all travel and live in our 40 foot motorhome. The girls do virtual school. Stephanie is a Nurse Case Manager and she can work via the internet as well. We have been on the road for 3 years and have loved every minute of it, and it’s all possible because of Kitchen Craft.

Hobbies: Kitchen Craft keeps me busy, but in between shows we have lots of time to explore. Our passion as a family is travel and experiencing new places. We have explored all 50 states and beyond. I love to scuba dive, and for a while I was training to become a hot air balloon pilot.

Most rewarding part of this career: There are so many incredible aspects to this career. The first is the satisfaction of knowing we sell a product that is a win-win-win for everyone. We promote health and wellness. Our clients are not buying cookware. They are buying an answer to a problem. That problem may be obesity, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries; any number of ailments. Using our cookware will help them live longer, healthier lives. I love this. I sleep well at night knowing we create a product that will never see a landfill. Our cookware is heirloom, it is forever. It is passed down through the generations. We work hard and we play hard. Kitchen Craft has always promoted life balance. We have plenty of time in between shows to experience the areas we travel to.

Most challenging part of this career: Before my family jumped into this crazy wonderful RV life I worked the shows by myself and sometimes I would be away for 2 to 4 weeks in a stretch and I did miss my girls, but kids are very adaptive and it soon became the norm. When I was home, I was home, and we had the resources to do some amazing things. I made sure the company knew the special days I had to be home like my girls’ birthdays.

What do you enjoy most about being a distributor for Kitchen Craft? This company is “my” family. We spend more time with the folks at Kitchen Craft then we do our own extended family; between the incredible annual conferences and the incentive trips we do annually. From the owner on down I love this organization and the quality of life it has brought to my family. I have met so many amazing people in our travels. We have had so many “wow” adventures and we always have something to look forward to.

Were there any stumbling blocks on your path to success? Definitely, this was not easy in the beginning. The first few months were a struggle to not only learn but internalize the script, but once you have it, everything got so much easier and fun. Now you can focus on getting to know the people in your audience and helping them solve their problems.

Are you pleased with your training and support? We train our reps like fighter pilots. The training never stops. The folks at the home office are constantly working to help us get better and be more productive. Our training is extensive and the research is ongoing.

What do you like most about the company? I love the culture of the this organization. I love the wonderful mix of work and play that comes with this career. Kitchen Craft is truly all about promoting life balance.

Have you been pleased with your earnings and security? Money issues go away. The first few months were a challenge but once I internalized the script and was able to shift my focus fully onto the people I was helping, the money started flowing. I could not believe how fortunate I was to find a company and career that enabled me to make $100,000 in my first year. 9 years later I am closer to $300,000 and I still have more time off than anyone I know. It is incredible.

Why would you recommend this career to others? I would definitely recommend this career because it brings security to your family. The financial compensation is amazing. You are working for yourself, but with the support of a 100 plus year company. They set up your shows, pay for your shows, and bring the customers to you. All I do is show up and make a lot of money.

Why do you feel you are successful in this career? I love people and I love helping people. If you do not enjoy meeting new and fascinating people then this is not the career for you.

Why do you feel someone would NOT succeed? You need to be a problem solver. You need to be adaptive. You need grit. We work long days and we when we work, we work hard. We participate in all types of events from home and garden shows, to balloon festivals, to fairs, and it can be outside in the elements. If you do not have that internal drive to push past obstacles then you will struggle.

Incentive Trips you have been awarded: Switzerland, Hawaii, Panama, Costa Rica, Alaska, Cuba; this year we are going to Japan!!!


Region: Southeast
# Years with Kitchen Craft: 17
Professional Background: Sales & Marketing
Family Situation (spouse, children/ages): Stewart and cat
Hobbies: Physical activities like watersports, cycling, and walking. I also like sewing.

Most rewarding part of this career: People surprise you. There are so many good people and you can’t tell who is until you can see inside the person a little.

Most challenging part of this career: Withstanding difficulties beyond you control, i.e. overreaching governments that make it difficult for small business, weather, illness, keeping a nestegg, and thick skin.

What do you enjoy most about being a distributor for Kitchen Craft? Some of the friendships I’ve made couldn’t have come about in a regular corporate job. I’m also surprised at how many other Kitchen Craft reps love me as well.

Were there any stumbling blocks on your path to success? Yes, of-course — again there are often things beyond your control as well as people (promoters, etc) who aren’t as competent or as kind as others… there are people in all walks of the business who don’t get it and understand.. you must have the courage, patience, and wisdom to work through all the issues.

Are you pleased with your training and support? I think everyone at Kitchen Craft is committed to helping me succeed. With that attitude, I can work through the occasional challenges which arise.

What do you like most about the company? I like and enjoy a certain amount of freedom to express my personality openly and honestly. Though our demonstrations are scripted, we can still be ourselves. I like honesty.

Have you been pleased with your earnings and security? I’m looking forward to the future. Our general economy (beyond our control) has made it difficult for a lot of good prospective customers to afford our cookware. Thankfully, Kitchen Craft is always looking for creative ways to help.

Why would you recommend this career to others? It’s not for everybody. So I wouldn’t recommend it to just anybody, but if you’re smart, willing to work hard, maintain discipline, and work through adversities, you could be a candidate.

Incentive Trips you have been awarded: Caribbean


A visit from Gene and Tom Ziglar

Region: Southwest
# Years with Kitchen Craft: 34
Professional Background: I have been demonstrating Waterfree Cookware at live events since 1988 when I began with HealthCraft Cookware.
Family Situation (spouse, children/ages): My wife Susan, and 4 children: Eric 38, Lauren 31, Joshua 28 & Jordan 25. We have 4 grandchildren: Ashley 14, Natalie 8, Evan 5 and Emelia 3.
Hobbies: Playing guitar, working around the house, golf

Most rewarding part of this career: Being able to see the country, and the tremendous friendships with other distributors.

Most challenging part of this career: Being away from my family more than I would like.

What do you enjoy most about being a distributor for Kitchen Craft? The people I work with.

Were there any stumbling blocks on your path to success? In the beginning, I had a tendency to allow negative thoughts into my head and my results suffered. Maintaining a positive attitude is essential for success and happiness.

Are you pleased with your training and support? I love the fact that the company is 100% behind each distributor. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Have you been pleased with your earnings and security? You are not restricted in how much you can earn….it is entirely up to you and how much effort you choose to put forth.

What do you like most about the company? It feels like family.

Why would you recommend this career to others? Absolutely

Why do you feel you are successful in this career? I think it’s because I like people and I enjoy public speaking.

Why do you feel someone would NOT succeed? If they chose not to take advantage of the experience and success of the distributors who have been successful in this industry, and if they chose not to put the effort required into learning and practicing the demonstration.

Incentive Trips you have been awarded: Hawaii 2014, Costa Rica 2015



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