Project Description

Betty Hahn

Region:  Southeast

# Years with Kitchen Craft/Lustre Craft:  15

Professional Background:  Sales & Marketing

Family Situation (spouse, children/ages):  Stewart and cat

Hobbies:  Physical activities like watersports, cycling, and walking. I also like sewing.

Most rewarding part of this career:  People surprise you. There are so many good people and you can’t tell who is until you can see inside the person a little.

Most challenging part of this career:  Withstanding difficulties beyond you control, i.e. overreaching governments that make it difficult for small business, weather, illness, keeping a nest-egg, and thick skin.

What do you enjoy most about being a distributor for Kitchen Craft/Lustre Craft?  Some of the friendships I’ve made couldn’t have come about in a regular corporate job. I’m also surprised at how many other Kitchen Craft reps love me as well.

Were there any stumbling blocks on your path to success? Please explain.  Yes, offcourse — again there are often things beyond your control as well as people(promoters, etc) who aren’t as competent or as kind as others… there are people in all walks of the business who don’t get it and understand.. you must have the courage, patience, and wisdom to work through all the issues.

Are you pleased with your training and support? Please explain.  I think everyone at Kitchen Craft is committed to helping me succeed. With that attitude, I can work through the occasional challenges which arise.

What do you like most about the company?  I like and enjoy a certain amount of freedom to express my personality openly and honestly. Though our demonstrations are scripted, we can still be ourselves. I like honesty.

Have you been pleased with your earnings and security? Please explain.  I’m looking forward to 2017 and beyond. Our general economy(beyond our control) has made it difficult for a lot of good prospective customers to afford our cookware.

Why would you recommend this career to others?  It’s not for everybody. So I wouldn’t recommend it to just anybody, but if you’re smart, willing to work hard, maintain discipline, and work through adversities, you could be a candidate.

Why do you feel you are successful in this career?  See above.

Why do you feel someone would NOT succeed?  Again, see above.

Incentive Trips you have been awarded:  Caribbean


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