Betty Hahn

Region:  Southeast

# Years with Kitchen Craft/Lustre Craft:  15

Betty Hahn and husband

Betty Hahn and Stewart

Professional Background:  Sales & Marketing

Family Situation (spouse, children/ages):  Stewart and cat

Hobbies:  Physical activities like watersports, cycling, and walking. I also like sewing.

Most rewarding part of this career:  People surprise you. There are so many good people and you can’t tell who is until you can see inside the person a little.

Most challenging part of this career:  Withstanding difficulties beyond you control, i.e. overreaching governments that make it difficult for small business, weather, illness, keeping a nestegg, and thick skin.

What do you enjoy most about being a distributor for Kitchen Craft/Lustre Craft?  Some of the friendships I’ve made couldn’t have come about in a regular corporate job. I’m also surprised at how many other Kitchen Craft reps love me as well.

Were there any stumbling blocks on your path to success? Please explain.  Yes, offcourse — again there are often things beyond your control as well as people(promoters, etc) who aren’t as competent or as kind as others… there are people in all walks of the business who don’t get it and understand.. you must have the courage, patience, and wisdom to work through all the issues.

Are you pleased with your training and support? Please explain.  I think everyone at Kitchen Craft is committed to helping me succeed. With that attitude, I can work through the occasional challenges which arise.

What do you like most about the company?  I like and enjoy a certain amount of freedom to express my personality openly and honestly. Though our demonstrations are scripted, we can still be ourselves. I like honesty.

Have you been pleased with your earnings and security? Please explain.  I’m looking forward to 2017 and beyond. Our general economy(beyond our control) has made it difficult for a lot of good prospective customers to afford our cookware.

Why would you recommend this career to others?  It’s not for everybody. So I wouldn’t recommend it to just anybody, but if you’re smart, willing to work hard, maintain discipline, and work through adversities, you could be a candidate.

Why do you feel you are successful in this career?  See above.

Why do you feel someone would NOT succeed?  Again, see above.

Incentive Trips you have been awarded:  Caribbean

Betty Hahn

Kab Benefield

Kab and Sophal in booth

Kab and Sophal in booth

Kab was born in Georgia but spent most of his life growing up on the West Coast. After two years of studying pre-law he switched his major to Theology. Kab received a Masters in Divinity and served as a youth pastor for 12 years before entering the business field. He received his MBA at Denver University and went on to become a financial advisor and senior business analyst.

Kab began with Lustre Craft in 2002. Since then, he has performed healthy waterless cooking demonstrations all over the country. He has a passion about introducing people to the incredible benefits of waterless and greaseless cooking. It has been a joy for him to help hundreds of thousands of people learn how to keep their food full of nutrition and flavor.

Kab and Sophal's home

Kab and Sophal’s home

Six months after starting with Lustre Craft, Kab qualified for the incentive trip and was awarded Rookie of the Year. Every year since, Kab has led the Million Dollar Club by consistently selling over one million dollars in waterless cookware each year. Kab and his wife Sophal live in California, and travel the world together each year.

-Kab Benefield


Tim Martin with Family at Disney

Tim Martin with Family at Disney

Tim Martin – Quality of Life

I just passed my 5 year anniversary with Kitchen Craft and words that Robin imparted to me at the very beginning of my journey with this company echoed back. “I am so excited for you and your new life.” I didn’t give it a second thought at the time but now it is all crystal clear. I am living a totally “new and improved” life over what I had before and my wife and family will agree. We have built our dream house and are just finishing a $120,000 outdoor living area complete with a pool, spa, swim-up bar, sunken kitchen, and a fireplace for the odd cold evening in Florida ? Possessions are nice but what’s really important is security and the time and funds to make special memories with those you love. We just got back a couple of days ago from a Disney cruise. It was possible because of Kitchen Craft. I also took a month off to spend with my wife and two girls. We have lots planned including some camping and trips to the beach. These days will be filled with moments that I will cherish for a lifetime. These are the memories I pull out when I am lonely and far from home. We are planning a trip to Europe next year and Iceland the year after that.

Tim Martin with Family at Disney

Tim Martin with Family at Disney

Tim Martin with his pride and joys

Tim Martin with his pride and joys

Sales is an up and down game but what I particularly love about Kitchen Craft is that my income is very consistent always going up. I have tracked my repeat shows and noticed a steady increase in my numbers over the years. I have even surprised myself and bettered previous years by as much as 50% at some shows. I love it that I am always learning. I am continually challenged and I work hard to improve by learning from each demo. I am working for myself so any investment in myself or my booth pays off in huge dividends directly to me.

I have a wonderful support team that truly cares about myself, my family and our future. I also have a huge new network of Kitchen Craft and Lustre Craft reps that I call friends…even family and I eagerly look forward to the time we spend together at the annual convention and our yearly adventures in far off lands sponsored by our illustrious leader. It goes without saying that without him and his vision, none of this would have been possible. He is my mentor and my inspiration but most importantly – my friend.

I work hard…good habits are hard to break…but I also play hard. My career at Kitchen Craft has given me my life back. I now feel in control and I don’t worry about money any more. I am not a rich man but I am very comfortable and I am able to plan for my family’s future. Our kids have college funds and I love that.

– Tim Martin

Cindy Hostbjor and Sandy Hayes

Cindy Hostbjor and Sandy Hayes

Cindy Hostbjor & Sandy Hayes

I saw my first cooking demonstration about 9 nine years ago and bought a set of “waterless” cookware, being told by the demonstrator that this would be the last set I ever owned. I wanted to believe him. Every 4-5 years I was buying a new set and giving my Mom my old set. I fell in love with the cookware and looked them up on the Internet and saw they were hiring. I knew I could do this! I also knew I didn’t want to do this alone. I asked my best friend at the time, she said “no.” My Mom said she was too old.I asked my cousin and other friends and family. My husband is an Engineer, so I knew he wasn’t going to join me. Finally, the first person I asked, my best friend, Sandy, said she would take a look at it with me. We have been in business going on 9 nine years now! That’s when I fell in love with the Company! Sandy had never flown in an airplane, nor been out of the country. Now we have been all over the United States, including Hawaii (several times) and Alaska. We have been all over Europe (Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, and Ireland…just to name a few!) and all the Carribean Islands (Both Eastern and Western).

We are Independent, but we’re never alone. We’re a family in a family owned business. We love what we do, and we love the Company and all the people put together that make everything happen so smoothly. We have that sense of belonging that everyone looks for but rarely finds.

I would recommend this opportunity to everyone with a sense of adventure!

You are finally paid for what you’re worth. You actually get what you put in! This is not a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) it’s an OPPORTUNITY to show what you’re made of!

I could be punching a time card somewhere and hating every Monday!

Instead, I LOVE Monday’s! That means our show is over and now I can relax!

And I LOVE Friday’s but not for the reason everyone else does. It’s because we get PAID!

I Love Kitchen Craft and know I am loved back!

– Cindy Hostbjor

Mike and Kristen Kelch

Mike and Kristen Kelch

Mike & Kristen Kelch

When I first came on board with Kitchen Craft, I made the commitment to do what I knew it would take to become successful. I was prepared to work as hard as I could, learn as much as I could about the demonstration, products and the business, and trust in the company’s training program. About 5 months ago I met Rob Ballinger for the first time at a show in Virginia. Rob’s patience, consistency and attitude impressed me and I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer. Rob is a valuable resource and always gives me terrific advice.

Spending my weekdays learning and studying the demonstration and watching videos helps me become prepared for the shows on the weekends. I know I can’t control the weather, crowds, booth location and the other challenges that arise during every show, but I can control how prepared I am to meet these challenges. I speak with Rob before each show and listen to the CD’s of our CEO on the drive there as a method of plugging in to the business. This helps me stay focused and I always learn something that I can start using right away.

My first goal for every show is to set up a demonstration schedule that will allow me to do as many demonstrations as possible. No one can predict how many orders I’ll make but this is a business based on numbers – the more demos I do the more sales I make. Once a show has ended I begin to get prepared to start the next one right away. I always try and squeeze a demo in at the end of the night to give those last minute buyers a place to sit, relax and see the cookware and what it can do for them. These demos almost always result in a sale. My wife Kristin accompanies me most of the time and she is great at helping me increase sales by turning over demonstrations quickly. She assists by helping build the audience, cleaning some of the dishes, polishing the cookware, refreshing the clipboards, dealing with buyers when I have multiple sales going on at once and handling the walk-up traffic. Right now she does everything short of the actual demonstration and her support is invaluable.

Always focus on the positives because being negative is our worst enemy. When I finish those tough demos where I think I have a few buyers but no one places an order, it’s easy to make excuses and blame the venue, the people or the attendance. I always remember that reasons and excuses have one thing in common, they stand in the way of success. I use this as my motivation to put the microphone back on, put up my show clock and get a demonstration started right away. I also ask myself, “what would Rob do in this situation” and I usually know the answer right away.

When I first became a part of this company, my commitment to success made it so failure was not an option. I have 6 children, a wife, a house near Philadelphia and the same issues that all of us deal with on a daily basis. This actually makes my job easier and less stressful because I know what I need to do and what is expected of me each week because I am never going to put myself in the position where I disappoint myself or my family.

There is no luck, no secret close and no special phrase that makes our customers bring out their credit cards. My attitude, hard work, preparation and eagerness to relate to the people that sit in my audience are what drives my sales. I am still learning and I still have a very long way to go, but each show I try and have fun, become more skilled and experienced and as a result my success has begun to grow as well.

I learned so much at the Conference in Dallas last January, but the theme of the event was to go “back to basics.” For me this seemed a little premature since I was still learning the basics but this has become the way I improve each week. The demonstration is very organic and it tends to grow and change. I understand that this is important to adapt to the audience at different shows, but it can easily grow out of control. I look at videos of myself and others to keep the basics in order since this is the very foundation of the sale. I listen and use information from others in the company and try and incorporate every tool possible into my demonstration to become better.

After the Dallas conference, I sent Mr. Hurley an email and I signed it “2015 Rookie of the Year.” I did this because I firmly believe that I have the ability to follow through with this goal, but also I want to be accountable to my success in this way. If it turns out that I do not reach this goal, it’s not because I wasn’t successful, it’s because someone else did it better than I did.

-Mike & Kristen

Gene Young

Region:  West Coast

# Years with Kitchen Craft/Lustre Craft:  10

Professional Background:  Actor/Stand up comedian. Executive in the long distance telecom industry. Retail business owner with locations in various malls.

Family Situation (spouse, children/ages):  Married with 3 children. Two boys 15 & 16 years old. One girl 14 years old.

Hobbies: Reading, writing books and essays.

Gene Young ziplining

Gene Young ziplining

Most rewarding part of this career:  Making a difference in the lives of countless families around this great nation of ours. I’m proud to help provide a quality American made product that will stand the test of time. It brings families closer together. It allows people to live longer, healthier lives. It’s wonderful to know that 100 years from now, something I sold will still be around benefitting families, improving lives and creating memories.

Most challenging part of this career:  You’ve got to be worthy of the big picture. As I read recently, “You can’t achieve a million dollar dream with a minimum wage effort”. You’ve got to know your data inside out, you’ve got to be able to work hard at performing even if you’re tired. It’s worth it because the work you do might actually save someone’s life. Customers have told me that they’ve lowered their cholesterol, lowered their blood pressure, lost hundreds of pounds, etc using our cookware.

What do you enjoy most about being a distributor for Kitchen Craft/Lustre Craft?  I get to minister to people around the country and make a difference in their lives. Through this company I have friends in many cities and states. I can go to countless cities around the country and already have built in friends who, if I needed, would give me a place to lay my head. Our customers protect and love us because of the benefits they receive from this fine product. I’ve also traveled the world through trips I’ve won with this company and I make a wonderful living to provide for my family.

Were there any stumbling blocks on your path to success? Please explain.  You have to be willing to constantly change with the industry. You must be willing to grow and consistently improve your abilities. I’ve managed to remain near the top for quite some time but that’s only because I’m constantly studying and trying to get more efficient at my craft. In the beginning I wasn’t a superstar but I knew if I honed my craft I could make the income I saw some of the top reps making. In the beginning of my career I slept in my van, but it was all worth it because I became able to now earn a living and lifestyle that most people in this world would envy.

Are you pleased with your training and support? Please explain.  Yes. The company provides a ton of training and support. So much that some short sighted people think it’s too much (of course you won’t see them at the top either). The organization understands that they won’t succeed unless we’re succeeding. Like any other endeavor good communication is key. Express your concerns politely and they most likely will be taken seriously. Again, the company doesn’t want to see you fail because they are in many ways anchored to you.

What do you like most about the company?  Freedom. More than I’ve ever had including when I worked for myself. I have time and money. Never before have I had them both. No system is perfect, including this one but it’s workable. Before I came here, I NEVER took vacations but now I take many. What good is it to slave but never enjoy life? My family is well taken care of and that’s important to me. I also get to make a difference in the lives of others.

Gene Young and Wife

Gene Young and girlfriend Crystal

Have you been pleased with your earnings and security? Please explain.  Overall yes. Ends are meeting and my family is secure.

Why would you recommend this career to others?  Yes

Why do you feel you are successful in this career?  Because I stuck to my goals and didn’t give up at the first sign of hardship. I kept studying what the successful reps were doing and improving my game constantly. I knew that I could do it because I saw others doing it, it’s simply a puzzle that must be figured out. Yes, unfortunately there’s politics in this organization but I suppose you find that most anywhere you go from one degree to another.

Why do you feel someone would NOT succeed?  Thinking they already know how the game is played before playing it. No, this is not like what you’ve already experienced. They don’t know how to shut up and listen and then (most important) apply the training.

Do you have any other comments to share?  It’s a fun journey. Don’t take it too seriously, remember to have fun. Never stop learning and studying the best in the field. Record yourself throughout your career to constantly improve, don’t go on automatic. You won’t get rich doing this but it will give you the time and income to invest in that thing which can make you wealthy. Remember that it’s not how many times you fall that matters but how many times you get back up. If you can rise back up just one more time than you’ve fallen, you’ve got it made. Do well, it’s yours to take.

Incentive Trips you have been awarded:
– Bermuda
– Norway, Germany, Denmark
– Grand Canyon
– Hawaii
– Costa Rica

The Unseen Dinner Guest

Two months to the day before he died, Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech called “The Drum Major Instinct”. In it he said, “There is deep down within all of us an instinct. It’s kind of a drum major instinct – a desire to be out in front, a desire to lead the parade, a desire to be first”.

I agree with him. We as human beings all want to create an effect, to leave a legacy if you will. We all want to do something that others can wonder at and we can say, “Yeah, I left that mark. I was here”. Many of us have different types of legacies. Some of us can see our legacy in the faces of our children, some in other business ventures, some in artwork that we do, etc. But whatever legacy you’ve built and are building I’d like to call your attention to another legacy you’ve got: You’re the unseen dinner guest.

You, me and all the other people who contribute to the placing of our cookware in homes around the country are guests at mealtime with families from the Atlantic to the Pacific and everywhere in between.

I take pride in knowing that in some distant future long after I’m gone, a family will break bread together over food that came out of the cookware that I sold to mom, grandma or great grandma. They’ll tell the newer generation that the pot that Thanksgiving dinner came out of was grandma’s pot. I’ll be the bridge that helped that happen. Grandma and I will be long gone by then, but she and I in some way will be the unseen dinner guests that night sitting at the table with the family.

I’ll never forget a testimony at a show in Stockton, CA a few years ago. This family had a pot of ours that was over 70 years old. It had been passed down several generations but was the featured pot used during Christmas dinner. That family envied deeply the next person who it would be passed on to because of all the memories stored in that pot. I couldn’t help but think about the salesperson, who’s name is long forgotten now but who’s shoulders I stand on, being the unseen guest at every one of those meals.

You and I will go through marriages, divorces, births, deaths, and all manner of other events with these families throughout the years. In some few cases our names will be remembered and in others just our faces and in still others just some small anecdote about us. But you and I will be there. Wouldn’t it be something, even if we never learn of it, if one day a pan one of us sold winds up in the White House?

My dance card is never open, every night I’m a dinner guest with countless families around the country. I did a show in January of this year and an elderly gentleman came up to my booth after the crowd left. He’d been previously standing in the back. The year before, he and his wife bought one pot from me in an effort to eat healthier. That pot became their favorite piece of cookware. Unfortunately his wife got sick and passed away that past November. He said to me as tears welled in his eyes, “Mama’s gone now Gene, and I’ve been having to cook for myself. She made me promise that I’d take care of myself and eat well, so I’ve decided to buy the small set to keep that promise and get rid of that other stuff.” I will never forget him as long as I live. I stopped what I was doing and just hugged him right there in the booth as he cried. Thanksgiving and Christmas is fast approaching and as that elderly gentleman sits down to eat during the holidays, he won’t be alone. No way, his wife and I will be his unseen dinner guests at every meal for the rest of his days.

And so it is with you. Be proud of this part of your legacy.

– Gene Young, 10 Year Rep

Steve des Islets

Region: Southwest

# Years with Kitchen Craft/Lustre Craft: 6

Professional Background: RI have been demonstrating Waterless Cookware at live events since 1988 when I began with HealthCraft Cookware.

Steve des Islets fishing

Steve des Islets fishing

Family Situation (spouse, children/ages): My wife Susan, and 4 children: Eric 38, Lauren 31, Joshua 28 & Jordan 25. We have 4 grandchildren: Ashley 14, Natalie 8, Evan 5 and Emelia 3.

Hobbies: Playing guitar, working around the house, golf

Most rewarding part of this career: Being able to see the country, and the tremendous friendships with other distributors.

Most challenging part of this career: Being away from my family more than I would like.

What do you enjoy most about being a distributor for Kitchen Craft/Lustre Craft? The people I work with.

Were there any stumbling blocks on your path to success? Please explain. In the beginning, I had a tendency to allow negative thoughts into my head and my results suffered. Maintaining a positive attitude is essential for success and happiness.

Are you pleased with your training and support? Please explain. I love the fact that the company is 100% behind each distributor. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Steve des Islets with Wife

Steve des Islets with wife Susan

What do you like most about the company? It feels like family.

Have you been pleased with your earnings and security? Please explain. You are not restricted in how much you can earn….it is entirely up to you and how much effort you choose to put forth.

Why would you recommend this career to others? Absolutely

Why do you feel you are successful in this career? I think it’s because I like people and I enjoy public speaking.

Why do you feel someone would NOT succeed? If they chose not to take advantage of the experience and success of the distributors who have been successful in this industry, and if they chose not to put the effort required into learning and practicing the demonstration.

Incentive Trips you have been awarded: Hawaii 2014, Costa Rica 2015

– Steve des Islets

Rob Ballinger

Region: East Coast

# Years with Kitchen Craft/Lustre Craft: 5

Professional Background: Background in Computer Science, Networking, and Database management. Basically nothing that translates to this career but that’s ok because I found that so many of us come from all kinds of different backgrounds but are now a part of the Kitchen Craft / Lustre Craft Family.

Family Situation (spouse, children/ages): Married with no children (currently)Rob Ballinger

Hobbies: Hiking and Camping, bowling, board games with the family, and travel

Most rewarding part of this career: Knowing that what you do makes a difference in people’s lives. Every set of cookware I sell will be a staple in someone’s home for the next 50+ years. It will be used to raise children and feed friends, family, and loved ones. It will never find its way into a landfill and it helps fight disease’s and prolong a good healthy life. Yes, sir I am proud to know that I make a positive difference in the world every day I go to work.

Most challenging part of this career: You will face rejection and negativity at every turn just like in life. But just like in life being positive and persevering are their own rewards.

What do you enjoy most about being a distributor for Kitchen Craft/Lustre Craft? The free time I get. Compared to my last job, I may work harder (actually, smarter) but I make more money and put in less hours than a typical 9-5 job.

Rob FishingWere there any stumbling blocks on your path to success? Please explain. Yes, direct sales is a science and art all its own. I did not have any background in this and have pretty much had to take a master’s course in sales while trying to make a living. Luckily I am not alone and the people I have met in this job, who I am now lucky enough to call friends, will help you climb that mountain and achieve your goals.

Are you pleased with your training and support? Please explain. The training could be better and I believe we are going in that direction. I think classroom training is needed before live demos should be attempted..

What do you like most about the company? The people!!!! I can’t emphasis this enough! I have been so lucky to meet some of the most impressive, smart, talented, and most important of all Loving people on the face of this planet.

Why would you recommend this career to others? If you love freedom, and people, and are self-motivated this is perfect opportunity.

Why do you feel you are successful in this career? When an obstacle arrives I quickly figure out a way to fix it and move on with a positive attitude.

Why do you feel someone would NOT succeed? If you are not a people person, do not have the ability to be self-critical, are not positive, and don’t naturally have a drive within you, this job will be tough.

Do you have any other comments to share? Some employers and employees respect and appreciate loyalty but families don’t need to. Because with families it is a natural thing to want success and growth for other members within that family. I didn’t join a company, I was welcomed into a family. A family which I love and will do everything I can to make sure all the members of my family succeed not just in work but in all aspects of life.

Incentive Trips you have been awarded: Costa Rica and Panama!!!!

Dustin Nadeau

Region: Midwest

Dustin Nadeau doing presentation

Dustin Nadeau doing presentation

# Years with Kitchen Craft/Lustre Craft: 8

Professional Background: I’ve always been in the building industry. From landscaping when I was in my teen years, to building and remodeling homes in my twenties and finally moving into my true passion of custom home interior finish carpentry and making custom furniture in my late twenties and early thirties.

Family Situation (spouse, children/ages): I have a wonderful 11 year old son, Max.

Hobbies: I love anything that keeps me active! I enjoy working on my house, building things, watching football, skiing and traveling to name a few. I enjoy going out to dinner and watching a good movie now and then and really enjoy a nice craft beer.

Most rewarding part of this career: I love being my own boss. I’ve never really worked for someone so this opportunity was right up my alley. I love the travel and being able to see different parts of our wonderful country. I also enjoy the fact that what we are selling is something that will genuinely help people to live a healthier lifestyle.

Most challenging part of this career: As I have an 11 year old at home that would be the most challenging aspect of this career for me personally, the not being able to be at every event of his that I’d like to be at because of the traveling and working weekends.

What do you enjoy most about being a distributor for Kitchen Craft/Lustre Craft? I enjoy the freedoms we have as independent distributors. The travel and the fact that our product is tried and true item that has stood the test of time. It’s not a scam or just a fad product like lots of the items you will see at fairs and home shows. I’ve never felt like I’ve stolen anyone’s hard earned money when they have purchased cookware from me because I know the true value that it will bring into their home, unlike some of the other products you will find at these events.

Were there any stumbling blocks on your path to success? Please explain. As with any career that is worth pursuing there are definitely some harder times then others that you just have to take head on and get over. But with each obstacle that comes up that you can get over it gets easier and easier and the next time something comes up it doesn’t seem so big.

Are you pleased with your training and support? Please explain. My training was nothing short of top notch. I was able to receive my training from a man with 40+ years of experience in the cookware and direct sales field. I was lucky enough to be able to train at the plant in West Bend, WI which I think was important to my success. It allowed me to be able to see the cookware being made first hand and see the faces and families behind it all that are dependent on our abilities as salesman to get out there and get the orders. Also, the support staff at the home office in Mt. Dora is second to none. Any time that I’ve had an issue regarding an order or customer, they have always been there to help in any way possible.

What do you like most about the company? I like working with a company that has the backing of an industry that is now 110 years old. The product sells itself and you will always have testimonies at your shows to help solidify the sales. The scheduling department does a great job of getting everything lined up and the order entry and shipping department is really on top of everything so all I have to focus on is getting to the show, setting up and taking orders.

Have you been pleased with your earnings and security? Please explain. I have been pleased with my earnings and the ability to have time off to spend with friends and family as well. What other profession allows you to make as much as you want and have 3-4 months off each year?

Why would you recommend this career to others? If you have the desire to work for yourself and are self-motivated, this is a career where you can make as much as you want and at the same time what you’re selling is helping to change people’s lives.

Why do you feel you are successful in this career? Because I’m very self-motivated and I have a strong desire to be the best at whatever I do. I also truly enjoy people and know that by them investing in the cookware they will be able to cook healthy quick meals. I believe the cookware is worth every penny and never feel as if I’m taking advantage of anyone. If someone doesn’t purchase I won’t let it bother me, I just bounce back up and do another show. I believe that being able to get back up there and brush off a bad demo is the key to being successful in this industry.

Why do you feel someone would NOT succeed? If someone can’t motivate themselves this isn’t for them. Also, the ability to adapt to any situation will play a key role in their ability to be successful at this. If they are not positive 100% of the time and do not have the ability to find the silver lining in everything they do, that too will make an impact on their success.

Incentive Trips you have been awarded:

  • Bermuda
  • California Wine Cruise
  • Norway, Germany and Denmark
  • Hawaii
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama

Virgil Tanner

Region: West and East Coast

# Years with Kitchen Craft/Lustre Craft: 15

Professional Background: Restaurant Manager, Professional Personal Security in Hollywood, Retail Sales Business Owner

Family Situation (spouse, children/ages): Married 6 years to Lacey, 1st baby on the way!

Hobbies: Hiking, biking, movies, visiting tourist stops across America

Virgil Tanner doing presentation

Virgil Tanner doing presentation

Most rewarding part of this career: Traveling the country, meeting and working with such a variety of people. Because of this business I know America better. It has made me a stronger patriot and proud American.

Most challenging part of this career: Getting up there in front of strangers and pouring my heart out to them to eat better and buy American and sometimes not get through to them enough to buy the cookware—I just look at it like I’m planting “seeds of thought” for them to decide to buy next time.

What do you enjoy most about being a distributor for Kitchen Craft/Lustre Craft? My own freedom to make as much money as I want to make. It is up to me. If I want a raise and earn more money this year then I take on more shows or study more and work harder and BAM there is my raise in pay. I also REALLY enjoy the support staff we have at the home office. Before working with this company I had my own company and did all the show booking, accounting, payroll and order shipping myself—now I have a wonderful team at the corporate office and Kitchencraft factory that does all that for me. It is beyond words.

Were there any stumbling blocks on your path to success? Please explain. Learning the script was the hardest part and then getting it down second nature where I can do the show and be relaxed with the people. That takes months but in the end it is well worth it.

Virgil and Lacey

Are you pleased with your training and support? Please explain. A 100 times Yes! If you are a willing student there are TONS of teachers and EXCELLENT data in this company that will help you succeed. The key being that you are a willing student and don’t come into this business thinking you know “all about sales” already—this is whole different and better class of sales.

What do you like most about the company? Great American product and good associates—the people in the office, the factory and the sales reps in the field are like family to me. It is unlike any business out there.

Have you been pleased with your earnings and security? Please explain. Yes, very much. By working hard and studying long I have made over 6 figures a year for 15 years. I own my own home, car, RV and don’t live paycheck to paycheck. I never worry about money anymore. I have never made so much money at any other “job” and due to that I am able to set aside for my future.

Why would you recommend this career to others? I think others should get out of the rat race and be in charge of their destiny. Whether you like it or not the world revolves around sales and if you can get a foot in the door of this company and have the ability to sell an American product that changes lives then you should jump at that chance. Many people don’t like sales and most of those people will not ever realize their dreams. If you are lucky enough to join Kitchencraft then you can make your dreams happen.

Why do you feel you are successful in this career? I have often said that I am a professional copycat—in the beginning I did and said exactly what my trainer told me to do unquestioning because he knew what he was doing and proved it to me. So I didn’t question him—I did what was proven and worked and I sold over a million dollars in cookware in my first year and made 250K in my pocket. This isn’t a business where you need to reinvent the wheel—this is a business where they help you succeed if you are bright enough to shut your mouth, open your ears and eyes and follow the path of least resistance to success that is waiting for you.

Virgil and Lacey biking

Virgil and Lacey biking

Why do you feel someone would NOT succeed? I have trained 100s of people over the years with 3 of them becoming rookie of the year. I can tell you without a doubt the only people who don’t make it in this business are the ones who 1) Don’t have a strong work ethic, 2) Don’t have a thick enough skin to take the licks of not selling in a demo and get back up and try again, and 3) Don’t really hunker down and study and continue to study until they have the script down cold and DON’T change anything—because it works just like it is. Number 1 and # 2 being more important the #3—these we can’t teach—it’s hard to teach someone to work hard and stay positive.

Do you have any other comments to share? I don’t know what you’re doing for work now or if you have a plan to own your own business in order to reach your personal and financial goals but I will say this: I have owned my own businesses and even though they were successful they were hard because I was out there on my own, with Kitchencraft you own your own business, you are your own boss, BUT you have a support team in the office and anywhere seasoned sales reps are working with you all across the 50 United States and Canada at any time of the year—there is always help for you to become a success—it is a very unique situation.

Incentive Trips you have been awarded: I’m not even going to list all the places my wife and I have been. We have been all over the world—too many places to name–20 plus different countries—a 100 plus different cities. And we’ve have been to 49 states. The world is a smaller, more personal place for me now and I love it. I know its people and places and I understand my fellow man and woman better and enjoy them more. There are no countries left that “I always wanted to see”–my bucket list is full of memories. There is hardly a city in America where I can’t talk to a fellow traveler about and direct him to the local grocery store—America is my home town. My only regret is that I didn’t start doing this when I was 18. I live a life that 99% of the population would consider a dream as they trudge to their 9 to 5 job earning their hourly paycheck. I love my life, I love my wife and I love working with Kitchencraft–it is the best thing I have done for myself and my family.

– Virgil Tanner