We know there are many questions that you have about beginning a career with Kitchen Craft and Lustre Craft Cookware. Please see many of our frequently asked questions below. If you have additional questions and do not see the answer here, feel free to ask us!


Q: Are there any start-up costs?

A: Upon completion of training, representatives are loaned a set of cookware and an exhibit valued at over $10,000.  So long as the representative remains active in the business, s/he retains the privilege of borrowing the cookware and exhibit. If the representative becomes inactive, the kit must be returned to Kitchen Craft/Lustre Craft.


Q: What does it take to be successful?

A: The most successful representatives make a commitment to the work, respond to training with a positive attitude, and communicate frequently when they need assistance. Representatives who make a point of staying in touch with the office management team and asking for help when needed tend to perform better and advance more quickly.

Sales positions offer the potential for great rewards; they also demand resilience and commitment. It’s important to remember that the rewards are based on performance, rather than offering a guaranteed income. Your personal earnings can be variable and will be dependent on your effort.

At the same time — if you are looking for a challenge, a chance to build new skills and want to stretch your limits then this could be the right career for you!


Q: Do you need experience?

A: No. We have a proven, successful program that allows you to mold your own personality around our presentation. We are looking for honest and sincere people who want to live a successful and fulfilling lifestyle.


Q: Can men and women work as teams?

A: Yes, We highly encourage it. A husband and wife or any team performs well as one demonstrates and the other prepares for the next show. Our team performers are normally the ones who travel the most.


Q: How much will I travel?

A: It’s up to you. We have thousands of shows throughout the U.S. and Canada. We assign the shows geographically, so you may work regionally or travel and see the country.


Q: Who pays the travel expenses?

A: Many of our distributors who enjoy travel use vans or motor homes and take regular vacations in between shows. Those who do not choose to travel as often, stay in motels or commute from their homes.  Travel costs are the responsibilty of the distributor.


Q: Do I receive advanced training and assistance?

A: Yes! Your training and support is continuous with national seminars and conventions, as well as weekly contact with your management team.


Q: What are the downfalls of this career?

A: The same as any other career. If you work hard and have a good attitude, you will succeed.


Q: What, besides demonstrations and order taking, do I have to do?

A: That’s about it. Our very qualified staff schedules all of our seminars and shows, processes all orders, arranges all public relations and advertising, ships all orders, handles all accounting and warranty work, and sees that you receive a check every week.