Over 100 years ago, the West Bend Company in Wisconsin developed a system of food preparation that swept the nation. However, to educate people on proper food preparation, the process required a demonstration of the products. This resulted in thousands of Independent Distributors selling millions of people on the concept of retaining food quality by not boiling the vegetables. They called it “waterless” cooking.

Dave Hurley, CEO and Visionary of Kitchen Craft and Lustre Craft

Dave Hurley, CEO and Visionary of Kitchen Craft and Lustre Craft

In 1970 David & Vickie Hurley discovered this marvelous waterless cookware. They had found a cooking method with which they would make history.  It wasn’t the health and environmental benefits that first inspired the Hurleys to pursue a business that would consistently grow over a 40-year time span. They lived in a house with no running water. Back then, cooking without water was a practical necessity, not a luxury.

David Hurley was amazed by the way food tasted when it wasn’t being diluted by water. He discovered that food is naturally endowed with remarkable flavor and that vitamins and minerals essential to good health are often lost in conventional cooking methods like boiling, frying and grilling. Impressed by this and the energy conservation of waterless cooking technology, David was determined to make it his business to bring this product into mainstream America.

Inspired, David started his own distributorship with the West Bend Company breaking sales records beginning with selling his first 11 sets of waterless cookware in one week. His enterprise was off to a great start, as was his career as a successful entrepreneur in America. David created an engaging sales technique which spoke to customers directly, one on one, at state and county fairs. He proved that genuine concern for customers, as well as their families, and American workers pays off in many ways.

Today, Kitchen Craft and Lustre Craft are being sold in thousands of shows every year: Home and Garden, Fairs, Air Shows, Women’s Shows and many, many more. With the growing need for healthy solutions for the health and obesity problems that face our nation, the need for skilled demonstrators is greater than ever.

We continue to seek people who can demonstrate, educate, entertain and market health and wellness by teaching people how to properly prepare food.