Kitchen Craft Cookware and Lustre Craft Cookware are committed to providing you the materials and training that you’ll need to excel in your new career.

Your training begins with home study and memorization of your script. Home study is followed by attending field training based on where you live, where you intend to work and the schedule of our trainers. The speed with which you accelerate in training depends on your study habits and work ethic.

Before you come to training – know your script! The sooner you know the words the more effective you will be. The sooner you learn, the sooner you earn!

Our goal is to have you properly trained in two weeks and out on your own making money. You’ll receive intense training in public speaking. Our hosts are educators far more than they are salespeople. We teach you to properly present the facts and let the consumer make the decision to purchase.

Your training continues throughout your career with additional training and encouragement from your Team Leader and support from the corporate team. We also have regional seminars every six months and an annual convention.

Simply put, if you are accepted you will be part of an elite team of professionals who are extremely proud of their careers.