Dear Kitchen Craft,

I wasn’t actually going to write, but as I was perusing all these reviews (and there sure are a lot of them!) I was noticing how many people have commented on having this cookware for nearly half a century. I actually remember the in-home presentation when I was a kid back in the 70’s by the door-to-door salesman when my parents bought this cookware. I won’t go into the sorted details of some of the acts of wanton abuse the cookware suffered at the hands of us kids, but suffice it to say, it’s still in my mother’s kitchen today.

I bought my own set of the Kitchen Craft cookware at the Ohio State Fair about 10 years ago, and added some additional pieces a couple of years ago. While I certainly don’t abuse the product, my wife could attest to the fact that I’m not exactly “gentle” with it, either. I love to cook and use most of the cookware frequently, and some of it nearly every day, sometimes more than once a day. It all still looks brand-new, shiny, and is in presentation quality condition. Foods cook well and cook evenly, and the waterless cooking method makes vegetables of superior taste, color, and texture, not to mention the obvious nutritional benefits.

I needn’t even debate the value of the Kitchen Kutter, the one appliance that my (then) girlfriend, now wife, said she would keep if ever we broke up. Everything from crinkle-cut cucumbers, to the cabbage for my prize-winning coleslaw, to feather shredded cheddar cheese owes its existence to this fabulous kitchen appliance for which there simply is no equal.

The only thing I can say about your warranty support is that I’ve never really needed it, save one time when for some reason I had trouble with a handle on one of my lids, which they simply replaced by mail without so much as a question. I am a SERIOUS cook, and that’s what I do with your cookware, I cook with it, every day, and after over a decade I couldn’t be happier with the cookware that looks as good as it did the day it came out of the box. I just need a bigger set now…

– James, Deltona, FL

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